Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Isaiah William 2005

A summer staff with Teen Missions, trip to Ohio, Hurricane, destroyed home and move later.....three months after we lost Judah, we had another pink line.  I remember taking the stick to Mike and waking him up telling him it was positive.  We were so happy and also very nervous.  We told a few people and I tried to prepare what I could for if I was sick again.  I had been working with the staff children and had enjoyed it, but knew that if I got sick again I wouldn't be able to work there anymore.   6 weeks came and it hit like clockwork.  Mike went in to work and took Josiah with him so I was able to care for just myself.  I went back to my dr. right away and he gave me more meds and did an ultrasound where he found the mass of blood again, a bit smaller than the baby.  So as far as we knew it could have been another pregnancy like Judah's.  I started this pregnancy underweight because of my sickness with Judah.  That first week it was decided that we leave Teen Missions....and in this shape we had no where to go other than back to my parents house.  They were gracious to welcome us.  Many friends helped Mike pack up everything we owned and Dad and Wade came to move us (after moving us into that same house just three weeks earlier) on Oct 31, 2004.  We stored all of our things until Wade and Megan got married just two weeks later then we were able to move some of our things in.  My heart is still broken over missing their wedding... I ended up in the sound booth vomiting the whole time while watching on a screen, that was the saddest thing I missed during all my sickness.  It was an interesting adjustment for all of us.  Mostly for Mike, Mom and Dad as they had to take care of Josiah and I.Found my dr after our move, told me that if i want a vbac i have to find another dr...this will be a repeat csection. So sick that i didnt care.  I would be in bed for days straight and end up going to the er many times.  At one point I was admitted for a week.  We were able to attend my home church where I went to the alter for prayer and annointing with oil every sunday I was able to go.  I lost all hope of being healed.  I sat in church with my bucket and if I started throwing up too much I would sit outside.  I got real good at vomiting quietly.  Alot of it is a blur to me.  Mike's dad came, at Easter I think, and we were able to do a little with him, but so much of it depended on how I was. We had our 20 week ultrasound and the mass of blood was gone! We were so blessed! We also found out it was another boy blessing and named him over a salad and a swig of strawberry zinfandel(which I did a couple times this pregnancy... just a sip), which made me not throw up ;)  It was nearly 6 months before I started gaining weight.  Around 7 months I began to be well enough for Mike to get a night job, he worked from about 2pm till 10pm so that I was only alone for about 3 hours with Josiah napping for nearly 2 of those hours and by the end I was able to have dinner ready for Mom and Dad when they got home.  So I felt like I really improved those last two months.  And I gained back the 30lbs I had lost plus 10lbs over my pre pregnancy weight.  Having people helping me made all the difference. Isaiah's birth was scheduled on May 25, 2005.  We left home at 4am and arrived at the hospital just before 5am to begin all the preparation.  Lots of ivs, blood work, monitoring for contractions and baby's heartbeat.  Can't describe the nerves! So nervous I was nauseous and because of no food it made me start feeling sick so I needed more Zofran.  Then they did the catheter.... I'll never know why they did it before the epidural.....  Mike had to step out!  I remember saying goodbye to Mike and them telling me they were giving him cheese and juice before he comes in "cause some Dad's get queasy"  That was the best treatment he has ever gotten at a birth :)  The routine was spinals and I don't remember being given an option.  I don't really remember much about laying there except Mike coming in and the dr and nurses talking about some tv show... annoying.  Again the feeling of being rearranged, at least I knew what to expect.... after the pressure on the top of my belly comes the baby.  He looked like a mad grumpy old man! I got one look and he was whisked away.  Both of us to the recovery room where I met him and held him under the huge heating blanket that I needed because my temp wasn't as high as it should have been.  I had to stay quite a while to get my temp up.    Megan(sisinlaw) and  pastors wife where there to see the baby as soon as he was born and I caught a glimpse on my way to recovery.   Isaiah and Mike went to our room after he had his exam and I  was brought in shortly after.  Right away Josiah, Mom and Dad were there and stayed for a few hours. The rooms were so big... I remember having to throw things across the room the first night because Mike couldn't hear Isaiah crying or me calling him to help me :)    The second day or so I got a headache from the spinal, it took a couple days to go away.  It was wonderful not feeling sick again! We had many visitors as we were near family.  Recovery went perfectly.  Two weeks later Mike moved back to M.I. where he began working with our church and he moved us over when Isaiah was one month old.  It was really hard to move away from family.  But we trusted in His plan for our ministry.   We are so thankful that God blessed this little one with health and life and He chose us for Isaiah.  What a creative and amazing gift Isaiah is!

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