Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Josiah Michael 2002

Josiah Micheal~
We were young, naive, in love, month after we were married I feared I was pregnant... we planned on NO KIDS for five YEARS!  The first two weeks(week 4-5) we worked past the shock, embarrassment... the hardest was that our plans were messed up. When I was six weeks pregnant we had a wedding reception and we were not ready to tell anyone, but I was feeling horrible. I remember cutting potatoes trying so hard not to throw up in them.  The next day I cleaned the bathroom and it was all down hill from there. So people had to know.  Mike took me to the hospital and was there overnight and sent home with some meds. The meds didn't work and was back in the hospital but for this time it was a week while they tried to find something that would help.  They also checked to see how may babies there were because I was so sick.  Just one little worm on the screen.  Finally found a medicine that would help and as soon as it was in my system my stomach growled and I begged for a turkey sandwich!  The thing about the meds was that it was $30 a pill... that I had to swallow and keep down.  Filling the prescription cost $500... they had to double check with us because of course we looked like teenagers and I looked like death.   Well, that was our first big purchase, but we were so blessed that our church gave us the money for it!  I don't remember too much about those three months except for drinking water just to throw up and sleeping alot because the only time I wasn't throwing up was when I was asleep.  Oh and throwing up in Mitch and Matt's toilet.... worst toilet ever!  The only meal I remember eating was Thanksgiving dinner.... where Mike made the worst ever "we're pregnant" announcement.   We left for florida on Christmas night.  I guess we thought I would sleep... but I didn't! I drove a couple hours until I started throwing up but Mike did most of the driving until he couldn't drive anymore... the last hour I drove and threw up every ten min.  When we got to mom and dads I think I slept for quite a while and the next day mom took over all the caregiving and nursed me to the point of where I was able to eat more often and keep some down.  By this point I had lost 30 lbs.  and I was around 12 weeks(when everyone says it gets better).
A few days later we joined staff with Teen Missions and I would have to go to work.... I was terrified to say the least.  But I had learned a few tricks that kept me okay most of the time, with mom's help.  Also found a great dr. who helped me get the meds I needed, he even gave me a few samples every visit.  I got through the pregnancy with a few more ER visits here and there and finally reached my pre pregnancy weight.  At about 33 weeks I had two dear friends, Jennifer and Jessica, visiting from out of town and stayed up way too late, didn't eat and was messed up!  That weekend and the next I ended up in the ER, on bed rest and lots of tests.  At 34 w 6d they discovered the fluid was very low, Josiah had not grown in two weeks and the placenta had the appearance of a 41 week placenta. I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest and vs to try to increase fluid levels. Nothing changed by the next morning and Josiah was delivered by c-section within 2 hours. I had no idea what to expect with a c-section and with as sick as I was I knew that there was no way for me to deliver him naturally.  I was terrified of the epidural and of feeling any pain.  I remember shaking uncontrollably and looking at Mike and Mom watch with fear in their eyes.   After they began I was no longer afraid but it was the strangest feelings ever.... I could feel my insides being moved around, so much pressure, but I was okay with it.  But our biggest concern was Josiah and if he was going to be okay.  When he was born he was so angry and that  made us so happy :) He was brought over to me wailing and I simply said "hey..." Josiah stopped crying and looked right at me! It was the most amazing thing. He was taken to the other side of the room while they did some initial checks on him and we got to listen to him cry.  He was then taken to the nursery to do bloodwork and more tests and Mike stayed at his side the entire time.  He was able to talk to Josiah and we felt that Josiah was comforted hearing and feeling Daddy.  I was in the OR for another 30 min. or so as they finished me up then taken back to my room.  Mike would take pictures and video and bring it back to show me.  Josiah had some health issues in the beginning, he was in an oxygen bubble for a while and some other things that I can't remember anymore.... I wasn't able to see him until he was 22 hours old.  I tried in the middle of the first night to get up to go see him but I passed out and the nurse wouldn't take me in a wheel chair, not sure why I didn't fight her about it.  So when he was 22 hours old they finally said he was stable enough to bring him to me to try to introduce breastfeeding.  He did pretty well.  Then they brought him only every 2-3 hours to feed or I went to him  because he still had to be monitored alot.  There are still some things that I wished that I had stood up to the nurses about... a mother should never doubt her instincts!  The second evening he was given to us, finally well enough. And we went home on the third day.  Mike came to pick us up on his lunch break and dropped us off at home.... I was terrified to be alone with Josiah!  Mom came the next day and helped me for about two weeks... I don't know what I would have done without her help!
 I felt blessed to have Josiah healthy.  I felt completely well as soon as he was born.  Having Josiah changed our lives... the plan of God changed our lives and our hearts. 

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